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As an acting teacher, Madison pulls from years of training in performance, teaching, and creation to create engaging and effective courses and workshops that are tailored to participants and organizational goals. 

Madison teaches hard skills of acting by fostering important values of acting including generosity, play, deep listening, imagination, and availability. In addition to this, they have extensive experience working with artists who have disabilities. Their teaching is highly influence by Liz Valdez of Concordia University.


Below is a list of recent workshops and classes Madison has taught. If you are interested in her teaching a workshop or class for your organization, please reach out! 

Upcoming & Recently Taught

Acting In English

For Monsieurthéâ, Coming December 2023

This workshop will focus on introducing English acting traditions and approaches to French actors, with the aim to open participants' understanding of what acting can be, and to increase their confidence in acting in English.

Introduction to Performance

For De Voorkamer, Utrecht
September 23, 2023

In this workshop, Madison was invited by artist in residence at De Voorkamer, Jin Xiao Zhou to explore the theme of 'belonging' through performance, and teach participants performance basics. Composition techniques were also taught and practiced during this workshop.

Strengthening the Voice

For Gang of Parrots Improv
April 25, 2023

In this workshop, Madison taught voice techniques to help players be more heard during their performances. We focused on breath support, resonators, directed sound, and other important aspects of voice.

Ensemble Building

For The Cauldron's performance of 'Spelling Bee'
January 2023

Using  Viewpoints, Laban and some self-developed exercises, Madison worked to get the cast in a place of comfortability, awareness, and listening with one another. Having this cohesion at the beginning of the process proved to be extremely effective.

Creating a Rich Inner Life

For InPlayers, Amsterdam
Coming October 7th, 2023

In this workshop you will focus on: Visualisation, imagination, connecting to scene partners, authenticity and presence. This workshop will be effective in moving actors from "show-ers" to "live-ers"! Sign up here!

The Actor's Toolbox

For InPlayers, Amsterdam
June 3, 2023

This workshop provided actors with practical exercises and tools to reconfigure and expand the way they use their body and voice. Allowing them to more effectively play in rehearsals, bring a character to life, and be generous in any theatre-making processes they engage in. 

Love & Information Acting Class

For The Cauldron
February- April 2023

In this 8 week course, Madison taught the fundamentals of acting, ensemble building, scene exploration, and character building. The course culminated in a performance of Caryl Churchill's Love & Information.

Monologue & Audition 

For The Cauldron, Amsterdam
December 2023

Participants brought a monologue to this workshop that they wanted to work on, and Madison led them through a process of analysis, play, character clarification and audition techniques. 

Madison skilfully created a comfortable and inspiring environment to learn the basic principles of acting. As a shy person completely new in the realm of acting, I feel like I learned a lot in a very short time!

Jonelle Marasigan

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