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Audition Coaching (Adult)

Have a big audition coming up that you could use help preparing for? Hire Madison to ensure your audition is polished and properly prepared for. She can direct your monologue, clean up your dance audition piece, etc. Need help choosing a monologue? Madison can help with that too!

€50/Hour or €60/75 minutes

Audition Coaching + Attending (Child)

As a Musical Theatre and Drama teacher to children for several years, Madison can help your child prepare for their upcoming audition. They will help with tricks to make sure stage fright doesn't take over, ensure pronunciation is clear, and many other things to help you child nail their audition. She also offers accompanying your child to their audition to ensure they are calm and ready. 


Private Acting Lessons

Are you interested in one on one acting lessons? Madison has extensive knowledge with teaching acting basics as well as different methodologies and can help you improve your craft. 

€60/ 75 minute session



Writing a play and need the help of a Dramaturge? Someone to help you move forward with your script, or refine it? Someone to bounce ideas off? Are you directing a performance that could use a researcher, dramaturge, process assistant or historical checker? Madison's experience working in multiple disciplines, as a research assistant, and studying theatre for many years could be the boost your project needs. 

Please Contact to Discuss Pricing


Copy Editing

Have Madison copy edit your script, essay, website, anything that anyone will be reading!

Please Contact for Detailed Pricing


Grant Writing

Madison has successfully written multiple grant applications and she understands their importance in bringing art into the world. Have an important grant application coming up but would rather focus on the art? Never written a grant before? Is that deadline suddenly next week? Hire Madie to ensure you get the funding you need. 

Please Contact to Discuss Pricing

Grant Reading and Feedback

Written a grant and want someone to give it the once over and give you helpful, critical, and manageable feedback? Madie will read your grant application and give you just that. 

Please Contact to Discuss Pricing

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