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Location: I prefer to teach out of my studio in Utrecht, Studio Julianna. The address is Amsterdamsestraatweg 239a. It is on the first story that can only be accessed by stairs. If this makes the space inaccessible to you, please be in touch and we can find an alternative. I am also able to travel to teach in your home if that is comfortable for you, but there is an extra charge to cover my travel expenses. 

Rate: My rate is 50 euros per hour, or 60 euros for 75 minutes. 

How it works: You can hire me to do different types of coaching, and I can always tailor a session to your exact desires.

- Audition Coaching: Have an audition coming up? Let me know about the role(s) you want and the production. Include the audition requirements, and the date of the audition and I can help you refine and strengthen your monologue, your songs (in terms of acting and performance- please note I am not a vocal coach) and your audition in general. Feel prepared and ready for that audition knowing you did the work. 

Role Coaching: Have you been cast in a show and want to be able to dive into your character, the text, or even specific moments? Most of the time it can be difficult to find the time during a rehearsal process to really examine details and work on precision. Sometimes we don't necessarily have the tools to be able to do this on our own. Sometimes we need an outside eye to bring a fresh perspective on a role. I can coach you through this and give you additional tasks to do outside of our session. 

-Acting Coaching: Want to more generally improve your acting skills or specific aspects of your craft? I have many tools and exercises that can help work on voice work, physicality, groundedness, stage fright, confidence, visualization, connection and many other parts of the actor's work. Let me know what you would like to work on, or work with me to find out what we can strengthen, and I will design a coaching session that will push your acting to the next level. 


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